TOPPAS stands as abbreviation for Transitional & Organic Producers & Processors’ Association of Serbia for the county of Kuršumlija, Blace & Brus. Toppas Association was founded in April 2002. TOPPAS was founded by 20 farmers and it is run by the Association Council consisting of 6 members, two representatives from each of three municipalities.

Toppas Association Logo (new)


Toppas Association Logo (old)


From 2003 to 2005 TOPPAS was implementing three-year project “Promotion of organic fruit production in Serbia”, supported by German organization for development »Bread for the World« (via Diakonisches Werk), with the main objective to promote organic fruit production on the territory of Blace, Brus and Kuršumlija.

The main objective of TOPPAS was not only to organize farmers, improve fruit growing in the region and emphasize the harmony with natural surrounding and self-sustainability, but also to take care of placing the organic fruit to the market.

TOPPAS initial principles were supporting Rio Declaration 1992 of UN “United Nations Environment Programme – UNEP”, on “Environment and Development”. More specifically the Agenda 21 of UNEP, where the emphasis is on the reduction of the external inputs and the development of agriculture, which would reduce the ecologic and economic risk and promote integrated and organic agricultural techniques.

In 2002 Toppas started with 20 members. Today, in 2018, Toppas counts 233 organic farmers.